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Sweet boy named Max

This past week, I posted a model call in our local moms group. I was looking for sitter boys, basically little ones who were 6-9 months old. In the phase of drooling, smiles, and pure sweetness. They are awake for hours at a time and if you're lucky, you can get the most adorable little smiles from them. The response was amazing, I wish I had time to photograph every 6 month old in Memphis. Maybe one day.

I was able to meet sweet Sally and her amazingly adorable son, Max. Max showed up smiling and ready to go. He has the most amazing red hair, and big bright eyes. His attitude, well just wait until you see some of his session images, he rocked it. There was a little serious, a little funny, an occasional dinosaur roar, and all the laughs from his mother and I.

I'll be honest, my cheeks were hurting from all the laughing. Sally and I connected over motherhood and family, what are the chances we both have people we love in Shreveport, LA. Seriously??!!

I look forward to the next time I see sweet Max. I hope he had as much fun as we did. I hope he realizes how happy he made our mama hearts when he sat in a bucket and wore the sweetest bear bonnet. Let's be honest, he'll never remember, but Sally will treasure those moments forever, I'm sure of it.

Are you just melting over this sweet baby boy?! Still dying over his red hair and adorable smile. Heading into this New Year with a full and happy heart.

Cheers to 2019!



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