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Memphis Collierville Newborn Photographer - Simple Studio Decor

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Hello friends. I hope you have stumbled up on this blog post ready to craft! While this page holds galleries full of beautiful families and their sweet babes, I also want it to be a place where I can share DIY crafts. And let me start by saying I know how expensive crafting can be, I have Pinterest, I frequent Hobby Lobby. I have a husband that knows when I say, "I'm running in for a some fabric," automatically translates that in what it really is, and ladies (and or gents) that's a 1-2 hour trip with weeks worth of, "I can make that myself," projects.

As most of you close to me know, I recently opened a studio with my friend Emily. We love it. We've poured love, sweat, and tears into that space. It's not just for the two of us, but for all those families that choose us to capture their most treasured memories. When it comes to props, we are pretty reasonable, we try to find things on a budget and if we can, we make it ourselves. Stay tuned for some amazing goodies that Emily has been working on, I die of excitement.

Back to the point of the post, all the flowers! They bring so much color and pop to a backdrop, so I use them whenever I can.

I try to incorporate them into each baby girl session. I've even used them in a little boy's session. We took his newborn pictures at his home and the weather was amazing that day.

I know his momma loved this one! So sweet for them to have this memory.

So with all this being said, I wanted to share a fun floral prop. Originally I was looking to create some sort of headboard, or something to act in place of one for a maternity session. I have an abundance of faux flowers and plenty of glue sticks, so it was just piecing them together.

I purchased most of the flowers from Joann's Fabric Store, not my go to, as Hobby Lobby has their floral stems 50% every other week. This week, it's ribbon and fabric sale. I shouldn't know their sale schedule, guys. Ha.

So I selected about $40 worth of florals, they were 30% off, and then I used the $10 off a purchase of $50 or more. I purchased some additional items, to include 2 yards of fabric, a board to secure the floral arrangement, and gummy bears.

I picked out the backing, I will link that as well, it was a 4" x 36" piece.

I arranged the florals to make sure I had enough and to make sure the way I had laid it out was appealing. Sometimes our visions come to life, but they aren't quite as dreamy as we imagined.

I removed one side and kept the other as a guide. I wanted mine to be symmetrical, however, that's not necessarily the "right" way!

The longer greenery, I did not glue that to the board. It's much harder to secure, in my opinion. So, as I was placing the larger flowers into place, I just made sure to cover those as well.

I was loving it! I was super excited to hang it in the studio!

How beautiful is that??!! The florals, not the baby, we all know Ruby Mae is the MOST adorable little babe.

The floral piece was the perfect accessory for my maternity session. Can't wait to share, stay tuned!

Ashley Parker Photography specializes in newborn, baby, children, and family photography. Located in Memphis, TN, Ashley Parker Photography has clients across the Greater Memphis Area, to include Collierville, Germantown, Bartlett, Arlington, Lakeland, Midtown, and Downtown. Ashley Parker Photography opened a studio in Bartlett, TN last fall, however, travels to client's homes if requested. To book your next session with Ashley, email



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