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Memphis to Seattle

I first met Kim back in 2013, at St Jude Children's Research Hospital. Kim and her husband Gabe, along with his parents, were close to a patient who we had grown to know and love so much. Our paths would close pretty regularly, attending birthday parties and through other events at the hospital.

After Kim and Gabe were married, they moved to Miami. It's there they would find out they were expecting their first baby. I remember when they shared that Araya Valentina had arrived, we (at least I) were all waiting to know if this sweet babe was a boy or girl. I wish I had the patience to keep the gender a surprise.

"The best blind date ever." - Kimberlie

I second that statement. With the birth of each child, we are essentially on the best blind date, ever. The love you have for your babies, it's something only a mother can understand. And to be honest, it's the best kind of love.

Baby Araya made a trip to Tennessee and I was able to meet her, snuggle her, and take a few pictures. It was here her mom would share they were going to move again, this time to Seattle. First, jealous. My husband and I have always wanted to go to Seattle, despite all the rain.

How cute was she?!?! I mean, she's still adorable.

That lip, girlfriend works the pout. Told you she was precious!

Well, to my delight, Kim messaged me and let me know they would be in town for Christmas. They had planned to surprise Gabe's parents, how exciting. I know they were just over the moon.

I was excited, too. I would have the honor of taking their family pictures! And let me just say how gorgeous of a family they are, you'll see.

I know that Kim and Gabe will treasure these images of their sweet baby girl. With each new milestone, we are reminded just how quickly our little ones grow up.

Sending all the love and "time slow down," dust I can.



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