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Memphis Collierville Newborn Photographer - Baby Nola Rae

Nola Rae, hands down one of the most adorable and easy going baby girls. And her mom, stop with the gorgeousness.

We had such a great time with this little lady. Her older sister sat through the session while mom and dad were able to relax in the studio.

To be honest, that is always my intention. I want the parents to be able to take that few hours to chat with each other, catch a power nap, read a trashy magazine or romance novel. Let's be honest, once we have children, our time is no longer ours, but theirs. We do everything for them all day and we forget to enjoy the little things that are needed for our own sanity.

So, please keep that in mind, when you book a session with me, prepare to have 2-3 hours of peace and quiet, with a dose of adorable baby.

And now, sweet Nola. This first image of baby girl and mom, hands down my favorite mom and baby shot. I have to toot my own horn sometimes to remind myself that I am talented and only grow with each session.

Jessica, I know you heart was melting.



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